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Airgun pellets


Airgun pellets are the most popular type of ammunition for air guns. They are used for air rifles and pistols and are a perfect choice for target shooting, sports and recreational shooting, as well as for hunting.

Pellets are most commonly made of soft lead or similar materials. They are produced in various calibers, the smallest caliber being 4.50 mm (0.177") and the largest 12.70 mm (0.50").

Our company produces pellets in three calibers: 4.50 mm (0.177"), 5.50 mm (0.22"), and 6.35 mm (0.25"), as well as various types of pellets commonly found in the European Union market. Pellets with a flat head are intended for sports shooting, while several different types of pellets have been developed for hunting. Hunting pellets are designed for all larger calibers ranging from 5.50 mm (0.22") to 12.70 mm (0.50").