Location: Belarica 61 Nova 37, 11273 Batajnica, Belgrade


Our company was founded in 1986 as a manufacturer of special machines based on cold forging technology.

In 1996, we produced our first machine for the production of airgun pellets. Since then, we have been developing our own technology for the production of high-precision pellets for years. 12 years ago, we developed an original technological process for pellet production that ensures very high precision, as well as top-notch pellet characteristics.

Today, we produce pellets in three calibers: 4.50 mm (0.177"), 5.50 mm (0.22"), and 6.35 mm (0.25"), with the following characteristics:

- caliber accuracy below 0.01 mm,

- weight accuracy below 0.5%,

- dispersion: a circle of 15 mm at a distance of 20 meters from a clamped rifle.

We export about 70% of our total production to various markets, with the largest part going to the European Union.